About Junkanoo Air

Junkanoo Air is a 100% Bahamian owned and operated Airline that specializes in air cargo. Junkanoo has obtained authorization and authority from both the Civil Aviation Authority of the Bahamas (CAA) and the Federal Aviation Authority of the United States of America to operate cargo and passenger flights between the Bahamas and Florida. Junkanoo Air’s President Captain Christopher King; a native of Mangrove Cay Andros has been a professional Airline Transport Pilot(ATP) for the past 12+ years. Junkanoo Air was founded to solve the very real problem that exists in The Bahamas and the region of transporting goods in a reliable, timely and affordable way via air. Since officially starting the business in 2016 the company has grown from 2-3 flights a week into South Florida to now a minimum of 1 flight a day. Due to the massive demand for our air cargo services we’ve developed specialized solutions for specific industries, namely:


Junkanoo Air + MSI Shoot-15

The Junkanoo Team is comprised of a vibrant all Bahamian team from pilots as young as 23 to our operations manager who has been in aviation for over 23 years. Every team member is important and plays a critical role. We are building careers not offering jobs. From our President all the way to the team members that keep the aircraft clean; everyone is invested in the continued successful development of the airline.



Junkanoo Air’s future is bright! We are in the process of establishing additional bases outside of The Bahamas to service our neighbors in the Caribbean. In addition to we are also acquiring more planes with greater capacity and range to meet the projected demand. Junkanoo’s main overriding goal is to become one of the top aviation service providers in the region while advancing our main corporate goal of effecting change within the communities we serve through aviation. We will continue to invest our resources to tackle many of the challenges related to air cargo transportation and aviation in our region. We won’t stop until we are the leader in the industry!