Dangerous Goods

Depositphotos_16886335_original_05-04Dangerous Goods Transportation

Junkanoo Air transports cargo that other carriers can’t or don’t want to ship.

In this age of heightened security and constantly changing regulations, dangerous goods transportation has gotten more difficult than ever. Junkanoo Air specializes in transporting dangerous goods that many other carriers won’t or can’t handle, with all of our key staff certified in hazardous materials shipping and transportation. The pilots and ground handlers of Junkanoo Air are all extensively trained in dangerous goods transportation regulations. What’s more, our solution specialists work with you to optimize the handling of your shipments, including guidance on packaging and labeling.

Junkanoo Air’s dangerous goods transportation services

Junkanoo Air offers safe, secure transportation services for the following classes of dangerous goods:

  • DIVISION 2.1 – Flammable gases
  • DIVISION 2.2 – Nonflammable gases
    CLASS 3 – Flammable liquids
    CLASS 4 – Flammable solids
    DIVISION 5.2 – Organic peroxides
    DIVISION 6.1 – Toxic substances
  • DIVISION 6.2 – Infectious substances affecting humans or animals
  • CLASS 9 – Miscellaneous

Junkanoo Air’s dangerous goods transportation promise

When it’s more than just cargo, you need more than just a shipping company. With our aircraft fleet; extensive transportation network; and fully certified team in hazmat transportation, Junkanoo Air is ready and able to handle your dangerous goods transportation needs.

The Junkanoo Air Advantage

When you examine our features and benefits, it’s easy to understand why we are more than just a viable option to shipping on the commercial airlines.


  • Latest departures and earliest arrivals
  • Extensive geographic coverage
  • Service to major airports and small airports
  • High touch service: positive hand off


  • Offer your customers the latest pickups and earliest deliveries in the industry
  • Reach that covers the entire Bahamas and more.
  • Enhanced security and persistent chain of custody that gives your customers peace of mind
  • Proven reliability that commercial airlines cannot match
  • Chance of lost or damaged packages is significantly reduced

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